How to choose the best scope mount - Technical editor of Airgun World & Airgunner magazines Phill Price shows how to choose which type of scope mount is best for your rifle.



How not to Miss – An informative video showing how to properly fit your rifle scope to obtain the best accuracy. Includes how much to tighten your scope mounts.

How to mount a night vision rifle scope  -  An interesting look at the best scope mounts to use when fitting night vision equipment to your rifle.


How not to Miss – This video shows what happens if you do not correctly fit your scope mounts and how to avoid a changing point of impact.


How not to over tighten your rifle scope mounts – Sporting rifle journalist Tim Pilbeam looks at ways to avoid over tightening the screws on your scope rings.

How to mount your rifle scope on an air rifle for competition use – Roger Lait shows how to choose the best rifle scope mount and how to set your rifle up for Hunter Field Target.

Ted Bier of Teds Holdover shows how to take elevated shots accurately and uses adjustable scope mounts to assist with zeroing in.

Roy Lupton from Airheads TV stars in the first episode of a New Series of the hugely popular Pellet, Power and Performance. Using High powered FAC air rifles, a March scope and some of our adjustable 34mm scope mounts Roy plans what shooting experiments he will be attempting in the next episode.

Matt Manning reviews the Sportsmatch range of rifle scope mounts and accesorries including how to choose which model of scope mount is best for your rifle.

Roy Lupton is out after rabbits with his high powered FX air rifle, March scope and Sportsmatch scope mount combination.

A foxing masterclass from long range shooting specialist Mark Ripley. Mark shows how to put his Browning X bolt centrefire rifle, Swarovski rifle scope and Sportsmatch scope mount combination to good use against troublesome foxes.

How to fit a rifle scope correctly - Robert Bucknell fits a Swarovski rifle scope to his new .223 centrefire rifle using Sportsmatch scope rings. The new combo is then tested in the field.

Mat Manning has an unusually busy daylight rat shooting session using an Air Arms Ultimate Sporter in .177 calibre and a MTC Mamba Pro scope secured with Sportsmatch scope mounts.