Sportsmatch News - New Brochure - 28/11/13

Hot off the press is our New Brochure.  It includes all our New models of scope mount, spirit level kit, adapter rail etc.  There is a section on 'which scope mount do I need?'  Included are advice on how to determine the dovetail width of your rifle, how to work out the height of the scope ring required.  There is also a section on how to measure the body tube diameter of your scope.  Increasingly scope manufacturers are choosing 30mm with a handfull of 34mm and even 35mm  body tubes available.  If you wish us to send you a brochure please send us an email.

Sportsmatch News - Airgun Shooter Magazine Competition - 29/10/13

Look out for the 'letter of the month' page in popular airgun magazine - Airgun Shooter. The best letter each month wins a Sportsmatch One Piece Scope Mount to suit their combo! For more information and to buy a copy -

Sportsmatch News - European Field Target Championships - 01/10/13

Sportsmatch sponsored shooter Conor McFlynn recently finnished 3rd in the European Field Target Championships.  Scoring a 46 out of 50 on the Saturday followed by a 41 on Sunday in difficult conditions.  Conor favours the Sportsmatch ATP66 scope mounts which are fully adjustable for windage elevation and even the lateral position.  This means the scope can be perfectly centered so that the optics work at their very best.  The winner was Jack Harris using his Air Arms EV2 although the prize was a cool brand new Air Arms FTP900

Sportsmatch News - World Field Target Championship 2013 - 09/09/13

Sportsmatch sponsored shooters Andy Calpin and Connor McFlynn finished 5th and 6th at the World Field Target Championships in Ebern Germany.  After day 1 Connor shot a leading 48 missing after only 2 targets but such was the competitiveness of the other shooters he finnished the 3rd and final day in 6th place.  Andy has won just about every event in the British Field Target calender this year but couldn't top the outright winner John Costello and his Steyr / Sightron combination.  Well done Andy and Connor and thankyou for choosing Sportsmatch Scope Mounts.

Sportsmatch Scope Mount News - Congratulations Andy Calpin 2013 British FT Champion - 21/08/13

Sportsmatch Sponsored Shooter Andy Calpin has won the 2013 BFTA Grand Prix Series.  This is effectively the British Championship for Field Target Shooting.  Andy has been simply unbeatable this year and clinched the title at the weekend.  Andy is a long term user of Sportsmatch products and uses nothing else.

Sportsmatch Scope Mount News - Distributor in Russia 13/08/13

We have recently appointed Maksim Ltd. as our distributor for Russia.  Based in St. Petersburg Maksim will distribute our range of scope mounts and spirit level kits throughout Russia.  For further details please view their full contact details on the 'where to buy' page of our website.

Sportsmatch Scope Mount News - Airgunner Competition 05/08/13

Popular Airgun Magazine Airgunner are running a monthly competition where you can win a set of engraved Sportsmatch Mounts.  This is part of our 40th Anniversary celebration that is continuing thoughtout the year.  For more details pick up a copy of Airgunner!

Sportsmatch Scope Mount News - 30mm Tikka / CZ Scope Mounts Selling Well 29/07/13

We have a large order from our excellent distributor in Saudi Arabia for our New 30mm Scope Mounts for Tikka and CZ centrefire rifles.  This is keeping everyone at the factory extremely busy!

Sportsmatch Scope Mount News - New Distributor in Chile 23/07/13

We now have a distributor in Chile for our range of scope mounts.  Stock has been dispatched to Normark Chile and will be available to shooters in the next few weeks.  Normark Chile is part of the global Rapala group.  They are heavily involved in the manufacture of lures for fishing amongst other things.  Products for shooting and hunting is a growing part of their catalogue and they are already selling large volumes of rifles.  With this came the need for a high quality scope mount, this is where Sportsmatch came in!  Contact details for Normark Chile can be found on the 'where to buy' page of this website.

Sportsmatch Scope Mount News - Airgun Shooter Magazine Sponsorship 16/07/13

Sportsmatch have recently agreed to sponsor the popular Airgun Shooter magazine.  Full details to follow.  Meanwhile keep a look out for our latest scope rings inside Airgun Shooter.  More details to follow!

Sportsmatch Scope Mount News - Distribution of Scope Rings in Chile 09/07/13

Sportsmatch scope mounts / rings will soon be available to shooters in Chile.  Various models for rimfire and centrefire rifles will be available in the next few weeks.  More news to follow!

Sportsmatch Scope Mounts News - AR15 Maxiclamp Scope Rings Now Shipping - 05/07/13

The first shipments of our New AR15 Maxiclamp Scope Rings are now on their way to our distributors.  Orders for this New One Piece Mount are keeping us all very busy.  Details on the New Products page of the Sportsmatch web site.

Sportsmatch Scope Mount News - Sportsmatch World Champions! 13/06/13

Heli Jalakas is the World Field Target Champion in the Ladies Spring Gun Class.  Heli from Estonia only uses Sportsmatch scope mounts and her favourite model is the ATP61 which are fitted on her heavily modified Weihrauch HW97.

Sportsmatch News - New distributor in France 10/06/13

We are please to announce that Sarl Tir Loisirs have been appointed the distributor of Sportsmatch scope mounts for France.  They carry virtually every model of scope mount we produce making Sportsmatch products available to shooters all over France.  Contact details can be viewed on the 'where to buy' page of our website.

Sportsmatch News - AR15 Scope Mount Now Available 04/06/13

Available now is our New Maxiclamp AR15 Scope Mount.  This New reach forward style one piece scope mount has been developed for all AR15 type rifles.  The Maxiclamp one piece rail clamp ensures a rock solid totally dependable grip onto your rifle.  For more details see the 'New Products' section.

Sportsmatch News - AR15 Scope Mount 20/05/13

Coming soon is a reach forward scope mount for AR15 and similar rifles.  More details to follow

Sportsmatch News - New Weaver / Picatinny Scope Ring 03/05/13

We have just released a High version of our 2 piece Weaver scope ring.  The New HTO76 suits all scopes with a 1" diamter body tube and like all Sportsmatch products comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.  Further details along with the full specification of all our New scope rings can be viewed on the New Products page.

Sportsmatch News - Revised Torch Mount Specification 10/04/13

It has been a busy month here at Sportsmatch.  Ever on the lookout for peoples Scope Ring requirements we have increased the height of our TM3 and TM4 Torch Mounts.  This means the torch will now be higher above the scope and clear the objective lens of large diameter scopes.