Sportsmatch News - New Series of Pellet, Power and Performance - 05/06/15

Airheads the internet TV channel for airgunners have filmed a New Series - More Pellet, Power and Performance.  The first series was hugely popular and this series is focusing on high powered precision air rifles that require a fireamrs certificate in the U.K. The main test scope is from March and includes the oversize 34mm body tube.  Luckily we were able to help out with the scope mounts as we have just completed our first model in 34mm.  Our ATP34 is adjustable for elevation which will prove to be very useful as Roy Lupton looks to do some long range shooting in future episodes.

Sportsmatch News - Demonstration Vehicle in the United States - 18/05/15

Our distributor stateside Airguns of Arizona is doing a great job demonstrating the benefits of Sportsmatch Scope Mounts throughout the United States. Their New Sales and Demonstration vehicle has started visiting dealers and the feedback is already extremely positive. Many Americans are unaware of the huge advances that have been made in the airgun industry in the last few decades and that the latest breed of Precision Air Rifles are incredibly accurate and a joy to shoot.  This new vehicle will be able to show visitors to guns shops and shooting competitions all over the United States these benefits.


Sportsmatch News - New Airgun Forum from Teds Holdover - 08/04/15

A Brand New Airgun Forum from Teds Holdover is already popular the world over. was launched at the beginning of April and has a very clean easy to use layout.  The new forum is a great place to ask fellow airgunners questions such as what is the best precision air rifle for my needs?  What rifle scope is best for me? What is the best scope mount for my new air rifle? etc etc.  There is a classified section so shooters can advertise unwanted airgun equipment and even a manufacturer feedback section.  Visit -

Sportsmatch News - Winner of Facebook Competition - 30/03/15

Congratulations Antony Ovenmark from Sweden for winning our recent Facebook Competition. Antony chose a Sportsmatch 2 Piece Double Screw Medium Height Air Rifle Scope Mount for his FX Air Rifle. The TO4C is the most popular model in our range as it caters for rifle scopes with a 1" diameter body tube and upto 40mm objective lens diameter.  The dovetail with it accomodates is 9.5 - 11.5mm which means it is perfect for virtually all air rifles and rimfire rifles.  

Sportsmatch News - New HFT Series - 12/03/15

A new Hunter Field Target series is starting this year for air rifle shooters. HFT Masters actively encourages shooters of ALL abilities and is the brain child of Roger Lait. With Rogers energy behind it we expect the entry list to be full.  Hunter Field Target regulations mean that shooters use air rifles that are closer to sporting rifles used for vermin control rather than all out Field Target Rifles.  Competitors are limited to 10 magnification on their rifle scopes and tend to go for 40mm objective lenses in low or medium air rifle scope mounts so they can keep their scope as close as possible to the barrel.  For more information go to   

Sportsmatch News - Win a Sportsmatch Scope Mount of your Choice - 20/02/15

We are running a competition on Facebook and the prize is a Sportsmatch Rifle Scope Mount of your choice.  Choose from our comprehensive range for the model that suits your rifle and scope combination.  You will then have total peace of mind in your shooting set up knowing your scope will not move under recoil.  All you have to do to enter is Like our facebook page.  The winner will be chosen at random on Friday 27th February.

Sportsmatch News - Airheads Best Scope Mount for Air Rifles Video - 10/02/15

This weeks Airheads programme includes a usefull video by the technical editior of Airgunner & Airgun World Magazines, Phill Price.  Phill gives a brief overview of the different types of scope mounts available and why they suit certain air rifles.  Please go to youtube or our videos page to learn some tricks of the trade.

Sportsmatch News - John Ford - 13/01/15

It is with profound regret that we anounce the passing of our founder John Ford.  John passed away after a short illness on 7th January.  John founded Sportsmatch in 1972 and began manufacturing the Sportsmatch scope mounts shortly afterwards.  In 1987 John launched the Sportsmatch GC2 precharged air rifle and the GC2 soon began to win all the major competitions including the World Championships.  Johns efforts in those early days are greatly appreciated by all at Sportsmatch.  John Ford - a great engineer and a true gentleman RIP

Sportsmatch News - Distributor in Slovenia - 11/12/14

We now have a distributor in Slovenia.  A new company has been set up to distribute Sportsmatch scope mounts to the people of Slovenia called Proarmis d.o.o. Based in Maribor Proarmis will have stock of Sportsmatch products in the next few weeks.  Details will be added to the 'where to buy' page of our website in due course.  Sportsmatch have gained an excellent reputation for quality scope mounts thoughout eastern europe and are happy to move into the Slovenian market where there has been demand for our products for some time.

Sportsmatch News - Updated Scope Mount Website - 03/12/14

Sportsmatch have recently redesigned their website so that it adapts to the device the viewer is using.  Sometimes called 'responsive' the New Sportsmatch Quality Scope Mounts website is now much easier to use on mobile devices and tablets.  The layout of all the scope mount pages have been changed so that the product images stack on top of each other when viewed on a narrow screen.  The Sportsmatch distributor page has also been changed to include a page for each country where Sportsmatch products are sold.  

Sportsmatch News - How to correctly fit your Rifle scope / Scope Mounts Videos - 17/11/14

We have recently added some 'How to' videos to a new page on the Sportsmatrch scope mounts website.  Examples of how your point of impact can change if your scope mounts are under tightened and just how tight should I tighten the fasteners on my scope mounts are some of the areas that are covered.  In the future we will introduce a 'what happens if I over tighten the rings screws?' video  as well as another feature on the advantages of using adjustable scope mounts on digital night vision rifle scopes.

Sportsmatch News - New Sponsored Shooter - 06/11/2014

Sportsmatch are pleased to announce that Roger Lait is now a Sportsmatch sponsored shooter.  Roger is well none on the Hunter Field Target scene and uses BSA rifles and rifle scopes from Deben.  He has been involved in the development of new products with many companies and enabled them to produce products that are more target orientated and suitable for the demanding disipline of Hunter Field Target.  It is a similar disipline to Field Target but the rifles used are more like hunting rifles and there is a limit on the magnification that can be used on the rifle scopes.  Precharged pneumatic air rifles or spring piston rifles can be used but the top shooters prefer the PCP's as they are easier to shoot accurately.  Events are held around the country and there is a national championship in place.  Roger also uses centre fire rifles so our range of products for these high powered rifles are available to him. 

Sportsmatch News - 1 Piece Adjustable in 30mm Out Now! - 05/11/14

We are now launching the New AOP56.  This model has been in development for some time and is a fully adjustable 3/8" air rifle scope mount similar to our AOP55 but to fit rifle scopes with a 30mm diameter body tube.  This new model is fully adjustable so windage and elevation can be adjusted and then locked using special fasteners with an anti vibration coating.  This ensures the locking screws cannot loosen if they are subjected to the vibration that is caused by recoil.  Available now from your favourite gun shop.  For further information and to go to the page that the AOP56 is on click here

Sportsmatch News - Dampa Mount Specification Change - 24/10/14

The 1" (DM60) Sportsmatch dampa mount will now feature a removable arrestor pin.  The arrestor pin gives additional security and peace of mind for shooters using spring piston precision air rifles from Weihrauch, Air Arms and some others.  The arresor pin is not essential as the dampa mount does not transmit the recoil to the rifle but we have found that some shooters just prefer to use them.

Sportsmatch News - New 34mm Adjustable Scope Mounts Sold Out! - 19/10/14

The New Sportsmatch ATP34 - Adjustable 34mm scope mount has sold out already.  We are busy producing the second batch of these extra large adjustable scope rings.  Demand has been higher than expected but we will have more stock and will be shipping in around 1 week.  The ATP34 fits virtually all rimfire rifles and air rifles with a 9.5 - 11.5mm dovetail.  The 2 piece design suits precharged pneumatic air rifles and bolt action rimfire rifles as well as spring piston powered air rifles and semi automatic rimfire rifles.

Sportsmatch News - 2014 BFTA Masters - 17/10/14

Congratulations to Andy Calpin, winner of the 2014 British Field Target Association Masters.  Once again Andy was the best and most consistent shooter of the event.  Thankyou Andy for helping promote Sportsmatch scope mounts at the highest level.

Sportsmatch News - Sportsmatch Go Large! New 34mm Adjustable Scope Mount - 25/09/14

Recently added to the Sportsmatch range is a New Adjustable scope mount for rifle scopes with a 34mm diameter body tube.  The use of 34mm body tubes is an increasing trend among high end manufacturers of rifle scopes.  The New Sportsmatch ATP34 scope mount is adjustable for elevation and height.  Suitable for rifle scopes with upto a 60mm objective lens diameter and virtually all rimfire and air rifles and centre fire rifles with 3/8" dovetails.  For further details go to our New Products page

Sportsmatch News - 30mm Scope Mount for Theoben Rapids - 16/07/14

We have just launched a 30mm scope mount for Theoben Rapid air rifles  They simply replace the standard 1" scope mounts that screw to the receiver of all the Theoben Rapid models.  Available now from all good gunshops @ around £49.95

Sportsmatch News - Coming Soon One Piece Adjustable 30mm Scope Mount - 23/05/14

Coming soon from Sportsmatch is a New One Piece Fully Adjustable scope mount in 30mm. This Follows feedback from our sponsored field target shooters who have been asked by many fellow competitors for such a scope mount.  More News to follow.

Sportsmatch News - New Picatinny Dampa Mount launch - 24/03/14

The first batch of our New DM80 - Dampa Mounts for Picatinny rails are now being distributed.  Our distributors are currently placing orders and they will be in the gun shops in the next few weeks.  The DM80 Dampa Mount is ideal for the current trend of gas ram and high powered air rifles with picatinny scope rails.  They can also be used on high powered centre fire rifles where damage to the scope is a real threat.  The Dampa mount has precision machined slideways which link the upper and lower part of the mount.  Special rubber bushes are incorporated into counterbores inside the scope ring.  This allows the mount to move slightly upon the recoil of the shot but it returns to exactly the same point after the shot has been discharged.  The recoil is then not transmitted to the scope.  Broken scope reticules when using gas ram and higher powered air rifles is a common problem hence us producing this New Scope Mount.

Sportsmatch News - New Dampa Mount - 20/02/14

Coming soon is a New version of the Dampa Mount for weaver / picatinny rails. The New 1 Piece Scope Mount is ideal for the increasing trend of gas ram air rifles that have a picatinny rail instead of conventional 11mm dovetails.  More details to follow.