A  Aircraft Specification -  All Sportsmatch rifle scope mounts are manufactured from aircraft specification material.  Every batch is tested and a certificate of conformity confirms that the material meets the standards required by the CAA (civil aviation authority)  The same material is used by some high end manufacturers of rifle scopes.
    Air Arms - Manufacturers of Precision Precharged Pneumatic and Sping Piston airguns.  Sportsmatch rifle scope rings are regularly used on this popular
British range of air rifles.  Air Arms air rifles have integral 11mm dovetails along the length of the receiver which aid scope fitting.  Models include the Air Arms Prosport TX200 S400 S410 S510 S200 Galahad Ultimate Sporter FTP900.  If your Air Arms air rifle has a magazine your scope rings / scope mounts will need to be high enough to ensure your rifle scope does not touch the top of the magazine.  
    Anschutz - This German maker is famous for producing extremely accurate 22 rifles for sporting and target shooting.  Based in Ulm Anschutz is well
placed to export its range of rifles to many countries.  Most rifles do not include open sights so the best solution is to fit a rifle scope / rings to the rifles 3/8" dovetails. Popular Anschutz models are 64 1517 1727 1416 1710 1712 1771 1781 1417
    Australia -  Is an important market for Sportsmatch Rifle Scope Rings.  Nioa Trading is the best distributor of rifles, shotguns, ammunition etc
in the country and makes sure every Australian gun dealer has accesss to quality products and is fully supported with a second to none after sales team.
    Aimpoint - Are a German manufacturer of red dot sights.  Commonly used for running target shooting such as wild boar hunting.  The latest generation of Aimpoint sights require low 34mm rifle scope rings to be fitted in order to fit the red dot sight to the rifle. 
    ATN - An American manufacturer of high tech night vision equipment.  ATN are one of the best quality products on the market and to fit one you require a picatinny rail to be installed onto your rifle of choice.
    Accuracy International - Produce probably the best and most accurate sniper rifles in the world.  Accuracy International have trusted Sporsmatch many times to supply quality custom one piece scope rings.  AI rifles are used in over 60 countries by Police, Military and Special Forces
    Airmax - This popular range from Hawke Sports Optics are designed foor airgun use.  In order for rifle scopes not to move under recoil a quality British made scope mount / ring is recomended
    Airgun Technology - A manufacturer of bullpub air rifles based in the Czech Republic.  Airgun Technology produce the Vulcan and the Vulcan Tactic which a tactical version.  The rifles include a Picatiny rail so suitable Picatinny scope mounts will be required to fit your scope in place.  Care should be taken when mounting the rifle scope to check that the correct height of picatinny scope mount is used to ensure a comfortable shooting position is achieved.  If the rings are too high it will mean lifting your head from the cheek piece which will not make for accurate shooting.  If the scope mounts are too low the shooters face will have to be squashed into the cheek piece of the Vulcan which again is not ideal.
    Adjustable Objective - Often known as AO which stands for adjustable objective.  Some rifle scopes have an adjustable objective lens which is actually for adjusting the scopes parallax.  This reduces the error in the lenses at specific distances.  Rifle scopes with an adjustable objective lens sometimes need higher scope mounts in order for the objective lens to clear the barrel.
    Airguns - This is the term used to describe air rifles and air pistols and is commonly used in the US to describe air rifles.  Another name used in the US is pellet gun or bb gun but these  are actually air rifles.  The majority have integral 11mm dovetails but some pellet guns now have picatinny rails just like a rifle.  There are 2 main types or airgun, spring powered or 'springer' or pcp (precharged pneumatic)  When choosing ring mounts for an airgun take great care to choose a good quality product from a reputable manufacturer.  The same should be said for your choice of rifle scope as springers can recoil heavily and sometimes break lower quality scopes.
    Aztec - An American brand of air rifle scopes.  Distributed by Airguns of Arizona.         


B  Body - Nearly all rifle scopes have a round body.  The most common size manufacturers of rifle scopes use is 1" and 30mm.  More recently 34mm has been used.
    Bergara - Produce a range of very accurate barrels for centrefire rifles as well as a range of rifle.  Manufactured in Spain to the highest standards Bergara rifles are becoming known as the very best available.  Picatinny rails are installed for scope mounting which means a wide choice of scope rings are available.
    Brocock - A range of precision precharged pneumatic airguns manufactured in Staffordshire. England.  Imported in the US by Airguns of Arizona some of the latest Brockock models are very light weight and ideal for all types of shooting. The latest models in the Brocock range include the Compatto, Contour and Concept
    Burris - This company needs no introduction, its rifle scopes and other optics are extremely well known and often used by some of the worlds best competitors.  Burris is now owned by Beretta. The most used Burris rifle scopes are the XTR11 Veracity Timberline Scout Droptine Predator Quest MTAC MSR Fullfield C4 Eliminator
    Bushnell - Distribute maybe the best range of mid priced rifle scopes available.  One of these models is the Bushnell Banner series of rifle scopes including the Bushnell Banner dawn & dusk model and others include the Bushnell Elite Tactical Long Range Hunter, Legend Ultra HD Trophy Xtreme Trophy XLT and the Bushnell LRHS.  Quality scope rings will be required to do this range of rifle scopes justice.
    BSA Optics -  Manufacture and distribute a competitively priced range of rifle scopes.  BSA airguns in Birmingham distribute the brand in the United Kingdom. BSA Optics models are Huntsman Panther Stealth Tactical Sweet 17 SuperMag Gold Star Majestic DX Boss Catseye Contender Deer Hunter Essential.   
    Benjamin - American manufacturer of airguns that are owned by Crosman. Models available include Golden Eagle Steel Eagle Discovery Prowler Pioneer Bulldog Summit NP2 Maximus Trail XL Marauder Armada Trail NP2.    All Products are manufactured in the U.S.
    Browning - Based in Belgium but produce rimfire rifles, centrefire rifles, airguns and shotguns in factories around the world. Browning rimfire and centrefire models include X bolt AB£ A Bolt BLR BL-22 SA-22 T-Bolt Buck Mark  
    BSA - Based in Small Heath Birmingham BSA is one of the oldest companies in the shooting industry.  Sportsmatch produce a range of scope rings to fit the wider than standard dovetails perfectly. BSA models include the following versions Lightning XL SE Meteor Evo Supersport SE Gold Star SE BSA R-10 Mk.2 R10 SE Scorpion SE BSA Ultra SE Scorpion Cadet Bucaneer GRT Lightning XL SE  The same width of scope mount / scope ring also fits some models of CZ bolt action rimfire rifle.
    Barrett - The first company to produce a .50 BMG caliber sniper rifle.  The extreme recoil produced by these rifles requires the best scope rings to be fitted.  If not the rifle will simply not be accurate.
    Brno - A manufacturer of rifles that were based in the Czech Republic.  Two particularly popular models from circa 1960 were the Brno Model 1 & Brno Model 2.  Both were bolt action .22 rimfire sporting rifles.  A testimont to the rifles robustness is that many of the model 1 and model 2 rifles are still being used today.  Both the Brno model 1 & 2 feature 15mm dovetails (measured at the narrowest point and approximately 17mm measured at the widest point)  This same width of dovetail is used on the current CZ527 bolt action centrefire rifle as well as the earlier CZ Brno Fox which was often chambered in .22 Hornet.  A quality set of 2 piece scope rings / scope mounts are the best option for these popular Czech rifles.  This ensures extraction of the empty cartridge case without any fouling.
     Base - Sometimes known as a scope base or scope rail.  Scope bases screw to the receiver of many centrefire rifles.  The scope ring or mount then fits to the base.  The most common type available are the Picatinny design of base / rail.  Picatinny compatible scope mounts will then fit directly onto the base.


C  Cap Head - The screws we use on Sportsmatch scope mounts are a cap head design.  This means they have a hexagonal drive incorporated into the head and a suitable size allen is used to tighten the screw.  The shape of the head of the screw is like a cap and features a large bearing area for the allen key to locate on so that the scope mounts can be tightened securely onto the rifle and rifle scope.
     CZ - Manufactured in the Czech Republic this range of rimfire and centrefire rifles are probably the best value for money available.  With calibers starting with .17 HMR upto 458 Winchester CZ rifles are available across the globe via a network of distributors which supply hundreds of retailers.  Rimfire models such as the CZ452 CZ453 & CZ455 require 3/8" wide scope rings / scope mounts but the larger caliber models e.g. CZ527 & CZ550 etc require 17mm or 19mm rings which fit direct to the rifles integral grooves / dovetails.  The American series of CZ452 requires a larger than standard rimfire scope ring but not the later CZ455.
     C-Moore Systems - Known for red dot sights but recently they have introduced a range of rifle scopes to the market.
     Cometa Airguns - Spanish made value for money airguns that are excellent value for money.  The best Cometa models are 50 100 220 Galaxy Model 300 400 Fenix 400 Orion Lynx Orion BP Bullpub and the Cometa Orion SPR.  Cometa are also now distributing rifles scopes.
     Crosman - Crosman produce low cost airguns that are extremely popular the world over.  Low cost single screw scope rings are best suited to this range of budget airguns.
     Centrepoint - Low price point rifle scopes that are often included with airgun package deals.  Models available include - Centrepoint Rimfire Scope TAG Scope Adventure Class Scope Zombie Sniper Scope


D  Dimensions - The height dimensions of our scope mounts is quoted in millimeters and for ease of calculation to the nearest millimeter.  We also quote the scope mount bore dimensions as well as the dovetail / groove size that the particular scope mount will fit.  As a guide we also quote the maximum objective lens diameter of the rifle scope that can be used.
     Diana - German made air rifles which are mainly spring piston powered.  Recently purchased by GSG German Sports Guns which involved relocating the factory after over 100 years of manufacturing in Rastatt.  Diana airguns offer some very high powered models which produce a significant amount of recoil.  Such RWS Diana models often require a shock absorbing 'dampa mount' to be fitted to prevent rifle scope damage.  This is the best solution to a common problem with magnum airguns.  Air rifles in the Diana range include the RWS Diana 340 N-Tec Luxus 340 N-Tec Premium 340 N-Tec Classic panther 340 N-Tec AMO3 350 N-Tec Magnum Luxus 350 N-Tec Classic 350-N-Tec Premium 34 Premium 34 Classic 430L Panther 350 Magnum 250 Panther 31 Panther 21 K98 AR8 350 Magnum CBB 280 Classic 240 Classic Eleven 48 48 Black Pro 52 52 Superior 54 Airking 54 Laminated 56TH. 460 Magnum Model 430 Model 430 Sttzen 440TH 470TH.  Precision precharged pneumatic models in the RWS Diana range include the RWS Diana P1000CBB P1000S P1000TH 
     Daystate - A British manufacturer of high quality precision airguns.  Pioneered the use of electronicly controlled air rifles.  Models include the Daystate Huntsman Regal Air Ranger Extreme Airwolf Wolverine Pulsar Daysate Mk. 4 Renegade
     Docter - German manufacturer of very high quality rifle scopes and other optics.
     Dakota - Dakota manufacture a popular range of centrefire rifles.
     Dovetails -Sometimes known as grooves or rails the dovetail is what your ringmounts grip onto to hold your rifle scope to your rifle.  Common sizes of dovetail are 11mm, 15mm, 17mm.  The dovetail grooves tend to be the same width for 95% of airguns and .22 rimfire rifles.  Centrefire rifles tend to vary but some popular manufacturers such as Tikka dn CZ share the same width rails on some models. 


E  Engineers - Sportsmatch employ only the finest engineers that tend to be time served toolmakers and fully qualified cnc programmers.  Many of our engineers come from an aircraft background.
     Edgun - Innovative Russian air rifles which are held in high regard by Ted Bier of the famous Teds Holdover youtube channel
     Evanix - A Korean company based in Seoul.  There main business is the manufacture of pcp air rifles 
     Endurance - A robust nice quality range manufactured and distributed Hawke.  Depending on your rifle or airgun you will need either a 1 piece or 2 piece scope mount / scope ring.
     Eleven - 11mm is an extremely popular size of scope mount which fit many of the air rifles and rimfire rifles around the world.  The dovetail grooves tend to be integral and machined into the rifles receiver.



F  Fixings - All Sportsmatch scope mounts / scope rings feature high tensile fixings.  Sometimes called screws our fixings are often specially manufactured and prepared to suit a specific application.  An example of this is the anti vibration coating used on some of our adjustable rifle scope rings which prevent any loss of zero even when large magnum calibers are used.
     FX - FX airguns is a Swedish company founded by Fredrik Axelsson.  FX produce only PCP precharged pneumatic airguns with the latest model available being the FX Streamline. Models such as the FX Impact Wildcat Cyclone Royale Cyclone Verminator Bobcat MkII Boss Royal Indy T12 Gladiator Independence Monsoon Revolution Cutlas Typhoon are also manufactured at the FX factory in Sweden.
     Frontier - Hawke offer the Frontier range with several different reticules including the LR Dot and TMX.  Choose you scope rings and mounts carefully to get the best from this model of Hawke.
     Fixed Scope Mounts - This type of scope mount fixes directly to the rifles receiver and is not quick detatchable.  Scope bases are note required for this type of mounting system.
     Fully - Fully Adjustable Scope Mounts for Picatinny and Weaver rails / bases.  Available in 30mm which makes them ideal for the Yukon Photon XT & RT night sights.  Fully adjustable means adjustable for windage and elevation.


G  Grade - The grade or specification of the material used.  The aluminium alloy used by Sportsmatch is aircraft specification and every batch comes complete with a certificate of conformity and a test certificate.  The grade of the fasteners used on Sportsmatch scope mounts / scope rings is 12.9 high tensile.
     Gamo - A well known Spanish manufacturer of high volume airguns. The best known models are the Gamo G Magnum 1250 IGT Mach 1 Black Fusion IGT Mach 1 Black Bull IGT Mach 1 Black Knight IGT Mach 1 Hunter 1250 Hunter Extreme SE 1250 Chacal PCP Coyote Coyote Whisper Coyote Black Whisper  CFR Whisper IGT CFX Royal Elite Premium Elite Whisper IGT Combo Shadow IGT Bull Whisper IGT Black 1000 IGT Shadow 1000 Whisper X Elite Fustion Elite X Whisper X Vampir Black 1000-AS IGT Black Winter Black 1000 Whisper Socom Storm IGT Socom Bullwhisper Hunter 440-AS IGT Maxima Zombie Shadow DX.  Some of the later models of Gamo airgun are the Gamo Delta Fox GT Whisper and Gamo G-Magnum 1250 Camo Rocket IGT & Phox.



H  Hardness - The hardness of every billet of material used is tested on a Webster hardness tester.  The hardness gives a good indication of the mechanical properties of each rifle scope ring / mount produced.
    Hawke - Manufacturer of a popular range of rifle scopes, binoculars, rangefinders etc.  Models available include the Hawke Frontier Endurance 30 SF Endurance LER Panorama Vantage IR Vantage SF Sidewinder Airmax 30 SF Hawke Frontier 30SF.  New models are regularly being added to the Hawke Optics range of riflecsopes.  When using a One Piece or Extended Scope Ring / Scope Mount please note that some Hawke rifle scope models have a large saddle and sufficient turret clearance on your scope ring is required to allow your rifle scope to fit.
    Height - The height of a scope mount or scope ring.  Good quality scope mounts are available in various heights to accomodate different diameter riflescope objective lenses.  Medium is the most popular scope mount height as this allows the objective lens sufficient barrel clearance on 40mm and 44mm scopes.  For larger scopes with 50mm and 56mm diameter objective lenses a high scope mount is normally required to provide enough barrel clearance.    


I  Inspection - Sportsmatch have recently invested in a new shadow image projector (shadow graph)  This version allows us to inspect every single radius and angle on our rifle scope rings / scope mounts, adapter rails etc.  We also use hand held measuring devices to inspect every dimension on all of our products.
   Integral - The receivers of most rimfire rifles feature integral dovetails / scope grooves to allow the easy mounting of rifle scopes.


J  Jpeg - Images of all Sportsmatch rifle scope rings are available as jpeg files which can be sent to dealers for use on their own websites / catalogues. High and low resolution images are available to dealers and distributors of Sportsmatch products all over the world.


K  Kuttplakn - Is the local and tradional name of Cyprus.  Sportsmatch products are available in Cyprus though our distributor Oploemboriki
     Kral Arms - Turkish manufacturer of PCP airguns including the Kral Arms Model Puncher Puncher Maxi S Puncher Mega Puncher Breaker W Puncher Pro


L  Limit - Often used by Sportsmatch engineers to refer to the extreme of the tolerance on any particular dimension of a scope mounts feature.
    Lithgow - An Australian manufacturer owned by Thales Defence.  The Lithgow LA101 Crossover rimfire rifle is available in all the popular rimfire calibers including .17 HMR and 22LR.  The Lithgow LA101 magazine is interchangeable with the magazine from the CZ452 & CZ455.  Weaver / Picatinny scope rings are required for this modern style bolt action rifle.
    Leupold & Stevens - Are an American manufacturer of quality rifle scopes including the Leupold VX-6 VX-3i VX R HOG VX-2 VX-1 FX-3 Mark 4 ER T Mark 4 LR/T Mark 4 MR/T Mark AR Leupold Rifleman Mark 6 VX R Patrol D-EVO Mark 8.  Leupold produce a wide range of sporting and tactical riflescopes.  The scope rings / scope mounts required for this range of scopes varies from 1" upto 34mm.


M  Matthew - Matthew Ford-James is the managing director of Sportsmatch Scope Mounts / rings.  Matthew is the son of founder John Ford.
     Meopta - Based in the Czech Republic Meopta manufactures riflescopes.  Models are Meostar R1 Series R1r Meostar R2 Series Meopro Series Tactical Series M-RAD MeoRed Meosight ZD Meopta Artemis Series 2000 2100.
     MTC - A range of rifle scopes  manufactured by Optisan and distributed by MTC Optics.  Models available - MTC EVX Genesis Viper Connect Mamba Pro Mamba Lite MTC Legacy Viper-Pro.  A special offset one piece scope ring is required for the MTC Connect series as these rifle scopes have very little eye relief.  A popular feature is this scopes extremely large field of view.
     Mounting - Mounting a scope to a rifle using scope mounts.
     Mount Base - This is another term for a scope rail or Picatinny rail but tends to mean a 2 piece design.  The most popular system is the Weaver or Picatinny system.  Weaver scope mounts will fit a Picatinny rail but you cannot normally fit a Picatinny scope mount to a Weaver rail. 
     Mounting System - Is a term used to describe scope mounts.  Some scope mounts are quick detatchable and some are fixed direct to the rifles integral receiver grooves or dovetails. 


N  Nylon - Some of our adjustable rifle scope rings / scope mounts have a special anti vibration coating on a selection of the fasteners.  This ensures the fasteners cannot loosen as a result of recoil being transmitted from the rifle.  These pads are made from nylon.
    Nikko Sterling - Based in Shanghai Nikko Sterling manufacture and distribute a large range of rifle scopes and other optical products such as rangefinders, binoculars etc.  Rifle scopes include the Nikko Sterling Ultimax C-More Diamond Hunting Diamond Long Range 30mm Diamond FFP 30mm Nikko Sterling Diamond Sportsman Targetmaster 30mm Targetmaster 1 inch, Nikko Sterling Panamax 1" Panamax Long Range Airking Illuminated Mountmaster Illuminated Silver Crown Tactical Compact Scope, Nikko Sterling Airking Gold Crown. Many of the Nikko Streling range of rifle scopes require 1" scope rings but increasingly a 30mm scope mount is required. 


O  Optimal - Optimal Accuracy comes as standard with Sportsmatch High Quality Scope Mounts.  When using our British made scope rings / mounts your rifle scope is guaranteed not to move under recoil - therefore your accuracy is optimized.
     Optisan - A manufacturer of riflescopes that are distributed in the U.K. by MTC Optics.  Models include the Optisan MTC Mamba, Optisan MTC Viper, Optisan MTC Mamba Lite which features a 1" diameter body tube and the Optisan MTC EVX


P Precision - Precision can be used to describe the way Sportsmatch manufacture their products.  Precision shooting is when high levels of accuracy from your rifle are required to hit a small target.
   Pellet Gun - A pellet gun is a term American people use to describe an airgun or air rifle. 
   Panorama - A Hawke range of rifle scopes.  Popular in many countries.  If you need to fit your Hawke Panorama on a centrefire bolt action rifle it is likely you will need a weaver / picatinny scope ring / mount set.


R Rings - Rings or Scope Rings (sometimes known as Rifle Scope Mounts) are used to attach rifle scopes to airguns, rimfire rifles and centrefire rifles.  Scope rings are available in different heights and sizes to suit the many different types of scope on the market.
   Richter Optik - Manufacturers of a range of rifle scopes that are popular in the U.K. and Germany.  Models in the range include the Richter Optik Crystal, Dynamic and Exact.  The 4 * 20 model comes complete with scope mounts (scope rings) 
   Remington - A large US manufacturer of a very popular range of rimfire and centrefire rifles as well as shotguns ammunition and accessories.  Some of the most popular bolt action centrefire Remingtons is the Remington 700 series.  Models include the SPS Varmint SPS Synthetic SPS Tactical SPS Stainless Police SPS Youth Varmint laminated, Synthetic VTR Tan VTR Black CDL SF BDL Deluxe BDL Custome Deluxe XCR Tactical Remington 700 XCR Other models include the Remington model 7 R-15 R-25 Gll Model 700 ultimate Model 7600 Remington model 552 & 572 Speedmaster.  The most popular 22 rimfire semi automatic rifle in the range is the Remington model 587.
  Rail - The rail or scope rail is normally an integral part of a .22 or .17HMR rimfire or airgun receiver.  It allows scope mounts to be fitted which then allow a telescopic sight / scope to be installed.
  Receiver - The receiver of a rifle is the largest metal component.  The barrel screws into this and the receiver will normally be drilled and tapped to allow Picatinny or Weaver bases to be fitted.  Some receivers are grooved or have dovetails machined in to allow rail mounts to be fitted.
  Ring Base - Often referred to as a scope rail or Picatinny rail.  They are available in 1 or 2 piece configuration.  The 1 piece design allows the use of a 1 piece scope mount to be used.  Alternatively 2 piece ring mounts can be installed.
  Ringmounts - Ringmounts incorporate the fixing required to clamp on the rifles receiver.  A scope base or rail is not required to fix a ring mount to your rifles receiver.  Common sizes of ringmount dovetails are 11mm, 15mm and 17mm.

S Scope Rings - Scope Rings are also known as Rifle Scope Mounts in some countries.  The most common style is 2 piece but 1 piece versions are commonly used on spring powered airguns.  Single (2 screw) and double (4 screw) scope rings are available with the double screw models being the most popular.  Extended scope rings allow the rifle scope to move either forward or back to allow the shooter a comfortable head position.  This is important for accurate shooting.
   Sidewinder - A range of Hawke rifle scopes. 30mm scope mounts / rings that are high quality are needed to get the best from your Hawke Sidewinder
   Scope Mounting - The process used to fit a rifle scope to a rifle using scope mounts.  Correctly mounting your scope is crucial if you want to optimise the accuracy of your rifle.
   Scope Rail - Scope rails are normally machined into the receiver or cylinder of airguns and .22 rifles.  This is an integral system which means there is no need for a Picatinny or Weaver rail to be fitted.
   Scope Base - This is the same product as a scope rail but tends to refer to the 2 piece base design.  2 piece bases normally have only 1 or 2 cross grooves incorporated so you have limited options on where you position your scope mounts as far as eye relief is concerned.  For more options with eye relief it is best to use a 1 piece Picatinny rail. 


T Theoben - Theoben Engineering invented the shock absorbing dampa mount.  The dampa mount is a 1 piece scope ring that prevents recoil from the rifle being transferred to the rifle scope.  This eliminates the internal components of the rifle scope being exposed to vibration and shock waves that can cause accuracy problems.  Dampa mounts help protect your scope from broken cross hairs and adjustment turrets.
   Tikka - Based in Finland but owned by the Berreta group Tikka manufacture some very accurate rifles that shoot very well indeed straight out of the box.  The current T3 model is being replaced by the T3x which is a further development of the Tikka T3 action.  Previous Tikka models included the M595 M695 M55 M65 595 & 695 Mag .  2 Piece scope rings / scope mounts are normally considered the best choice to fit to these very good quality rifles.
    Tip Off - These type of scope mounts are generally used on .22 rifles and rimfires.  Tip Off mounts dont need a scope base as they fit directly on the factory machined integral receivers of many .17HMR, airguns etc.  When the dovetail clamping screws are loosened the mount can just tip off, away from the scope grooves.  

U  Umarex - Are a large German manufacturer of air rifles and accessories.  One of their key brands is the Walther range of air rifles.  PCP models include the Rotex RM8 and there is also a range of good quality spring piston powered break barrel and under lever air rifles.  A range of Walther rifle scopes are also available and some come complete with scope mounts which makes mounting your rifle scope quick and easy.  Another airgun brand owned by Umarex is Hammerli.  They offer models such as the Hammerli 850 Air Magnum spring gun and the Hammerli AR20 PCP air rifle which is aviailable in red or silver. 


V   Vantage - The Hawke Vantage series is a low cost, good value range of rifle scopes.  Popular with airgunners and rimfire shooters it is best to invest in quality scope rings / mounts to get the best out of your Hawke Vantage rifle scope.


W  Weihrauch - A German manufacturer of good quality airguns and bolt action rimfire rifles.  Best known for its air rifles such as the Weihrauch HW30 HW35 HW35K HW35E HW50 HW57 Weihrauch HW90 HW97 HW97K HW97KT HW77 HW77K HW98 Weihrauch HW80 HW80K HW85 HW95 HW95K HW95 LUXUS HW100 HW100S HW100SK Weihrauch HW100T HW100TK HW100FSB.  The latest model is the polymer actioned Weihrauch HW110 and HW110K.  It is best to use a quality one piece scope mount / scope ring on Weihrauch spring guns.  They all have holes in the receiver for a recoil arrestor pin
      Walther - A classic German name of quality airguns and firearms.  Airgun Models available are the Walther Century GT Parrus LGU Varmint LGV Masterpro Maxus Terrus WS LGV Challenger Ultra LGU Master Rotex RM8 Royale Torminathor Rotex RM8 Black PCW Maximathor 1250 Dominator Walther 1250 Dominator FT Set.  Normally for PCP air rifles a 2 piece scope ring is best but models such as the Walther Rotex RM8 allow for a one piece scope mount to be fitted as the magazine does not stand clear of the dovetail.