Sportsmatch News - New Machinery - 01/06/18


We have recently taken delivery of 3 New CNC Machines in order to keep up with demand for our latest Picatinny and Adjustable scope mount models.  We now have full control of our production and have the latest cnc technology available to produce New models in the future.  For details of our latest scope ring mounts please visit -

Sportsmatch News - FULLY adjustable Picatinny Scope Mount - 14/02/18

Now available is our New ATP90 - FULLY adjustable (windage and elevation) scope mount in 30mm.  Ideal for Yukon Photon RT & XT users who have either run out of adjustment or just wish to have the reticule in the centre of their field of view as well as users of standard day scopes.  The ATP90 features high tensile bolts with a special anti vibration coating which in turn locate onto a hardened steel spigot.  This ensures a rock solid scope mounting system is maintained which is easy to use.

Sportsmatch News - Use a Yukon Photon XT or RT ? - 30/01/18 

Users of the ever popular Yukon Photon RT and XT digital day / night vision units will soon be able to use our New Fully Adjustable 30mm Picatinny mount so they will be able to keep the cross hair in the centre of their field of view.  Another problem encountered by some shooters is running completely out of adjustment.  More details will be posted ASAP once we start shipping to dealers.


Sportsmatch News - Coming Soon New 34mm Scope Mount - 12/07/17

Coming soon to the Sportsmatch range will be a Brand New 34mm Picatinny Scope Mount.  Many airguns as well as centrefire rifles now feature a picatinny rail and combined with the fact that many leading rifle scope manufacturers are now offering models in 34mm it is a logical step for Sportsmatch to offer scope mounts in 34mm. 

Sportsmatch News - 34mm Medium Picatinny Ringmount - 14/06/17

Coming soon to the Sportsmatch range will be a 34mm Ringmount for Picatinny / Weaver bases.  Available in medium height initially this new scope mount will compliment our range of Picatinny rings.  Several rifle scope manufacturers are now offering scopes with a 34mm diameter body tube which allows for additional adjustment so we are following this trend in the scope mount department.

Sportsmatch News - 30mm Medium Ring mounts Shipping Now - 17/05/17

Shipping now are our New 30mm Medium Height Ring mounts for the ever popular Tikka and CZ range of centrefire rifles.  Ideal for shooters who want to mount their scope as low as possible on their rifle the 3 New Models of Ring Mount will fit Tikka T3x, CZ527, CZ550 and CZ557 rifles.  Available now from a gunshop near you.  For more information go to

Sportsmatch News - 30mm Medium Ring mounts Shipping Now - 17/05/17

Shipping now are our New 30mm Medium Height Ring mounts for the ever popular Tikka and CZ range of centrefire rifles.  Ideal for shooters who want to mount their scope as low as possible on their rifle the 3 New Models of Ring Mount will fit Tikka T3x, CZ527, CZ550 and CZ557 rifles.  Available now from a gunshop near you.  For more information go to

Sportsmatch News - New Ringmount Coming Soon - 09/03/17

Coming soon from Sportsmatch is a medium height 30mm scope mount to fit the popular Tikka and CZ range of centerfire rifles.  Models will be available for the Tikka T3 and T3X.  All centerfire rifles from CZ including the CZ527, CZ550, CZ557 as well as earlier discontinued models will be covered by a model in the Sportsmatch scope mount range.

Sportsmatch News - Shoot a CZ or Tikka Centrefire Rifle? - 16/02/17 

New to the Sportsmatch range ringmounts for Tikka T3, CZ527 & CZ550  are now available from your favourite firearms dealer.  The New High 1" model is ideal for rifle scopes with large objective lenses and older rifles such as the early Brno model 2 which has a rear sight that cannot be removed.  Sometimes bolt clearance is also an issue so if you need a High ringmount the following models are now available - HTO81 Tikka T3, HTO82 CZ527 etc, HTO83 CZ550 557 .  For more information please go to the New products page of our website.

Sportsmatch News - Mounting Yukon Photon XT Night Vision Rifle Scopes - 23/11/2016 

At Sportsmatch we are regularly recomending our adjustable scope rings as the best solution to use with the popular Yukon Photon XT 6.5 x 50 night vision rifle scopes as well as the Yukon Photon 4.6 x42 and 5 x 42.  This enables the cross hair to remain in the centre of the field of view.  For airgun and rimfire users our ATP66 Fully Adjustable and ATP61 Elevation Adjustable are ideal and for shooters wishing to fit the XT to a Picatinny rail our ATP72 offers elevation adjustment.

Sportsmatch News - Coming Soon High Scope Mount for Tikka T3x & CZ527 - 08/06/16

We are currently working on a New 1" High Scope Mount for CZ527 and Tikka T3 / T3x rifles.  There will also be a high model of scope mount for CZ550 & CZ557 rifles so that shooters mounting 56mm objective lens riflescopes are catered for.  Rifle scopes with large objective lenses are popular with hunters that shoot at night or in low light dusk / dawn situations.

Sportsmatch News - New Model for BSA Dovetails Now Shipping - 26/04/16

The New Sportsmatch TO35C 13mm Medium Height 30mm Scope Ring Sets are now available from Sportsmatch dealers.  This New Model is ideal for BSA air rifles / CZ452 American rimfire rifles and early Weihrauch HW35's.  All these rifles feature wider than standard dovetail grooves which means if standard width scope rings are fitted the full potential of your rifle is not going to be seen.  The TO35C 13mm is Available from all Good Gunshops and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.  

Sportsmatch News - New BSA Scope Rings Coming Soon - 10/02/16

Soon to join the Sportsmatch range is a Medium Height 30mm set of Scope Rings for BSA dovetail grooves.  The New TO35C 13mm will sit alongside the HTO36C 13mm in the BSA Scope Rings catergory.  Many BSA air rifle shooters have requested this so much so that we have decided to add this model to the range.  The New model will be ideal for keeping your scopes objective lens as close as possible to the barrel.  Many people do not realise that BSA air rifles have a non standard dovetail width and require a specific width of scope ring.  The problem with using standard air rifle scope rings is that the rifle scope will not fit accurately and securely onto the dovetails. 

Sportsmatch News - The Airgun Show - 04/12/15

This weeks 'The Airgun Show' is worth a look as Mat Manning tries out some farmyard pest control with a scope cam fitted.  The scope cam is fitted to the eye piece of the rifle scope using a scope mount.  This makes for some accurate shooting very easily.

Sportsmatch News - Centrefire Rifle Scope Rings - 19/11/15

The Sportsmatch range of centrefire rifle scope mounts is being extremely well received on the market.  In particular the latest TO78 - 30mm Weaver / Picatinny Medium height version is becoming a firm favourite with shooters wanting to keep their rifles scope objective lens as close as possible to the barrel of their rifle. More air rifles now require a scope mount with a weaver / picatinny fitting but the main demand is from centrefire rifle shooters.  If you want to learn how to choose the right weaver / picatinny scope mount for you rifle please go to our products page.  

Sportsmatch News - New Medium Height Scope Mount for Picatinny Rails - 21/10/15

Sportsmatch have just released a New 30mm Scope Mount in Medium height for Picatinny / Weaver rails.  Stocks of the New TO78 are currently being shipped to distributors.  Sportsmatch have produced a high version of this scope mount for some time but there has been a lot of interest in a Medium version, hence our New model.  As with all Sportsmatch models the TO78 comes with a Lifetime Guarantee and is available from all good gunshops.

Sportsmatch News - Conor McFlynn 2015 European Field Target Champion - 23/09/15

Sportsmatch rifle scope mount ambasador Conor Mcflynn recently won the 2015 European Field Target Championships at Westom Park.  The event was held during the Midland Game Fair as is now tradional.  What makes Conors win even more special was that on Day 1 of the event he cleared the course with a maximum score of 50.  This is an extremely rare event and we believe it to be the first time it has happened at a national or international Field Target event.

Sportsmatch News - New Medium Height 30mm Picatinny Scope Mount - 18/09/15

Coming soon from Sportsmatch is a New Medium height Picatinny / Weaver scope mount for 30mm rifle scopes.  This New model has been pre-ordered by our distributors and will be available from dealers in the next few weeks.  The product code is TO78 and it features all the usual Sportsmatch features including a Lifetime Gurantee. 

Sportsmatch News - The Airgun Show - 29/08/15

Check out this weeks 'The Airgun Show' on youtube.  Matt Manning gives a wide range of Sportsmatch products the once over.  From torch mounts to spirit level kits as well as the common scope mounts Matt runs through the advantages of using a dependable link between your rifle and scope.

Sportsmatch News - Circular Blue Logo Identifies Genuine Sportsmatch - 20/07/15 

As Sportsmatch Scope Mount users are aware, genuine Sportsmatch rifle scope rings can be identified by the circular blue logo on the top half of the ring. The design of this however is in the process of being changed very slightly so it matches the New Sportsmatch main logo.  Sportsmatch are in the process of changing adverts, brochures etc over to this new cleaner and easier to read design.   


Sportsmatch News - New Series of Pellet, Power and Performance - 05/06/15

Airheads the internet TV channel for airgunners have filmed a New Series - More Pellet, Power and Performance.  The first series was hugely popular and this series is focusing on high powered precision air rifles that require a fireamrs certificate in the U.K. The main test scope is from March and includes the oversize 34mm body tube.  Luckily we were able to help out with the scope mounts as we have just completed our first model in 34mm.  Our ATP34 is adjustable for elevation which will prove to be very useful as Roy Lupton looks to do some long range shooting in future episodes.